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E-Filing Policies

5Proposed documents for Judges:     

Honorable Steven E. Blankinship, Division I:   aladdiv1proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Honorable Ellen R. Jessen, Division II:   aladdiv2proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov  

Honorable Daniel A. Bryant, Division III:   caiddiv3proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Honorable Angie K. Schneider, Division IV:   aladdiv4proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Honorable John P. Sugg, Division V:   aladdiv5proposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

Domestic Relations Hearing Officers:  aladdrproposedtxt@nmcourts.gov

New Case Filings

It is the attorney’s responsibility to review documents for accuracy prior to filing.  If pleadings are filed in error and it was subsequently accepted by the Clerk’s office, no refund or charge-back will be given. 

Foreign Judgments

A Foreign Judgment may be submitted through file & serve, however the Clerk’s office will still need an original certified copy from the originating court.

Adding, Updating, and Removing Names from File & Serve

Attorney’s are required to add, update or remove themselves from File & Serve. Court staff will not do this. 

Document Submission Limitations

Documents in excess of 100 pages and/or contain photos, audio, and/or large documents such as maps cannot be submitted through e-filing. These must either be delivered to the clerk’s office for manual filing or divided into smaller submissions under 100 pages. If submitting in divided format through e-file, each submission must have a separate coversheet. 

Refunds (charge-backs)

Attorneys must file a Motion to Refund Filing Fees Paid online and state the reason for the refund and the amount to be refunded.  Refunds may only be made by written court order.

Per Envelope Filings

If there is any error in one of the documents contained in an envelope, the entire envelope will be rejected.  Attorneys should retain all rejected notifications in the event a legal issue arises.



Every district court has discretion over its e-filing policies and procedure.  We have adopted these policies based on what we believe are the best practices for e-filing.  These policies are not unique to the Twelfth Judicial District Court. Rather, they are used in other various districts.

We recognize there may be issues with the rejection of an entire envelope when there may be errors in some, but not all, pleadings submitted.  As attorneys are charged per envelope, it would be very costly to attorneys if the Clerk’s office accepted some filings and rejected others and required those to be re-filed in a new envelope.  We have adopted this policy (which has likewise been adopted in other districts) in an effort to save attorneys money.