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Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Division serves persons seeking to petition the Court for a Protection Order who are victims of actual or threatened abuse by a family or household member.

Who Qualifies?

  • Spouse/former spouse
  • Boy friend/girl friend/dating or intimate relationship, or former of these relationships (same sex or opposite sex)
  • Co-parents/family members (over 18 years old)
  • Sexual assault and stalking victims 

What Can a Protection Order Do?

  • Restrains the abusing party from committing acts of domestic violence
  • Excludes the abusing party from your home, work, school or daycare
  • Requires “no contact” in person, by telephone, notes, letters, telegrams, pagers, e-mail or third party
  • Gives you access to the Court with a hearing scheduled before a Special Commissioner or District Judge
  • Provides other appropriate relief such as temporary custody of children and child support
  • Allows the police to arrest the abuser if there is a violation of the Order

    How do I file for a Protection Order?

    • It is recommended that you seek the assistance of an attorney.
    • If you cannot afford an attorney, you can get court approved forms from the Clerk’s office or by clicking on the forms section from the homepage. These forms are provided at no charge.
    • There is no fee for filing a Petition for Order of Protection under the Family Violence Protection Act.

    How Does The Process Work

    • After you have filed a Petition for Order of Protection, the court will review the Petition and may enter an Temporary Order of Protection (TRO), an Order to Appear, or an Order of Dismissal
    • If a Temporary Restraining Order or an Order to Appear is issued, the matter will be scheduled for a hearing before a Special Commission or District Judge. At the hearing, the Commissioner or Judge will determine whether or not to issue a permanent order of protection. You should be prepared to present testimony and any evidence in support of your petition at the hearing.